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Eldon is one of the most knowledgeable and skilled golf equipment craftsman I have met in my 20years as a PGA of Canada Professional. If you need repair work or want to becustom fit, you can be confident the service he provides is what’s best for yourgear and your game.
Matthew Peavoy
Original intention was to have shaft of driver, and possibly other clubs switched to different flex.This could have been expensive. Eldon took the time to watch my swing and thenproceeded to give me an extensive swing lesson. He certainly proved the oldadage, “It’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools…” In the end, Eldon did allhe could – now it’s up to me – to correct my swing, and basically told me therewas nothing wrong with my clubs. Eldon is a phenomenal teacher! His explanationsare crystal clear and address the student’s individual needs. I did order a newcustom made hybrid club, tailor made for me. Again, Eldon took the time toensure every detail met MY needs. His prices are certainly reasonable! Hoping tobook lessons for my wife and myself in the near future! Thank you Eldon!
Don Blanchard
It was a real pleasure to meet Eldon and go through his fitting process. He took lots of time showing me club options as well as giving great advice that immediately took a couple bad habits out of my swing. At the time of the fitting I was able to take home a driver and 2 fairway woods. The irons I chose needed to be assembled and were ready in a couple days….that fast! Meanwhile I tried the driver and woods on the course. The woods are a dream. Super consistent. The driver however needed some work. When I went back to pick up the irons, Eldon evaluated the issues I was having with the driver which indicated to him a tweak in shaft stiffness and we took one inch off to allow my aging body to get through the swing. That worked like a charm. Eldon is that good as I read in another review. Bottom lineis my iron shots have all gained 20+ yards and I am able to land the driver consistently 30 yards further with only a small fade vs. a full on slice. The combination of Eldon’s knowledge, the fitting technology he uses, the inventory of optional shafts & grips he has on hand and the product lines he specializes in have all come together to make my game very enjoyable. The products that were best for me is a Krank driver with Wishon fairway woods and Wishon single length irons.
Cottage Care Rentals
Since my swing assessment late last fall and subsequent refitting of all my irons from steel to graphite, I felt it was now a fair time to give you a progress report in mid-June. With nearly 20 rounds of golf and a few practice sessions. I am hitting the ball 5-10 yards farther per club. For some reason I now find it easier to put spin on most of my approach shots. Therefore, now I have to hit my approach shots closer to the pin. A fringe benefit for a person in their 76th year, is that the golf bag is 10 pounds lighter going in and out of the car because of the lighter graphite! After the delays and winter layoff, scoring is now consistently in the high seventies here at Warkworth G.C. My only problem seems to be keeping up the concentration level so I don’t make silly mistakes. A lot of that I hope is just age related. Anyway I am very pleased with the new sticks. It is nice to have somebody with some expertise to figure things out and make the game more enjoyable.
Bill Wilson
My husband thought I needed new clubs so we contacted Eldon. Once we got there, Eldon said my clubs were great; what an honest man…..he could have sold me a whole new set but instead I got a new driver and he shortened my putter. Eldon took his time with me and didn’t rush the process; even gave me tips on improving my swing. A week later we were back and my husband, Craig, also ended up with a new driver.
Lorraine Coulter
Took a lesson from Eldon last week. Just played my second round since. Eldon just helped me add 40 yards to my drive and take 10 strokes off my score. He is that good. He takes the time. Highly recommended. If you want to improve your game, go see Eldon. Greg D.
Greg Dyment
Eldon made my driver for me and with the added loft he gave me, my carry distance improved by over 20 yards. It is also the straightest driver I’ve ever played. Eldon also reshafted my irons and I hit those straighter too. Thanks for the help Eldon, you have me shooting some rounds in the 70’s again.
David Walker
Excellent service, very informative about the game of golf and club fitting. My first round with fitted clubs was my best game I have ever played, very excited about the rest of the season. Get your clubs fitted! Go to Campbell’s Customs clubs. You will not regret it!Thanks.
J Kulla
I brought new shafts and grips back with me from Arizona. I contacted Eldon while still in Arizona and he was more than willing to fit me to my clubs and re-shaft and re-grip them for me when I got home. Eldon also gave me some fabulous pointers. We also brought my wife’s clubs to him and he did a fitting for her. He said her clubs were fine all he did was shorten her putter. Eldon is a real gentleman, very humorous, a great person to talk to and I would highly recommend Eldon to anyone.
Doug Jopling
After an accident which amputated three of my left fingers. I was a couple years getting back into the golf game. Eldon reviewed my swing, taking the time to help and educate me. He was able to custom fit clubs for me. After a frustrating start back into golf, with my old clubs, with Eldons help I’m now enjoying the game again.Thank you so much Eldon for all your wealth of information and helpful service. I love those Wishon golf clubs !!
Mark Scriver
I went to Eldon for some help in getting my clubs sized properly. Not only did Eldon help me with this, he re-gripped all my clubs, and checked lie angle on all clubs. We went to the dome and he had me hit balls for about an hour, where he used a launch monitor to see what needed improving. With a few tips on ball placement, grip, stance and follow through technique, there was immediate improvement. I really enjoyed my time with Eldon, and can’t wait to get back on the course to see the lower scores thanks to Eldon’s tips and work on both me, and my clubs.
After spending some time with Eldon on the launch monitor for a driver fitting and a couple of how to hit it properly tips, my drives are mostly down the middle and longer. My iron play is more consistent along with better wedge shots. Although most of my clubs are off the rack, I will definitely replace them with custom fit when the need arises. Eldon is a wealth of knowledge about what makes a club work for you and his skill in building them is second to none. Great pricing, service and workmanship.
Bill Thompson
Upon retirement I visited Campbells Custom Clubs for assistance in a fitting and selecting the correct clubs for me. Eldon was very thorough in his explanation and technique during the procedure. I found Eldon to be a true professional in his field, doing quality work, offering great service, and ensuring that you were 100% satisfied with your new clubs. He is a great communicator and is always ready to share his vast knowledge of golf. I highly recommend Campbells Custom Clubs.
Terry Godfrey
After sending my cart into the pond during my final round last year I had occasion to visit Eldon for some much needed advice. He was very gracious in not laughing too hard at my escapade and even more gracious in helping me salvage my cart. Not only did he fix the cart, but fit and re-gripped two clubs while giving me some tips on how to use them. Very knowledgeable and helpful. Would, and have, recommended him to friends.
Linda French
A few years ago Eldon Campbell custom-fitted a driver and some other clubs, including a four Hybrid, for me; I have been well pleased with them. Recently I foolishly left my four Hybrid behind on a fairway. While waiting for the club to be turned in, Eldon very kindly loaned me a replacement with no charge. He also replaced the existing grip with an oversize one to accommodate my hands, also with no charge to me. This kind of thoughtful and generous service deserves recognition and I am pleased to recommend Eldon to others.
Joanne Sandy
Eldon Campbell is a consummate pro. From a very thorough but reasonably priced fitting process, to club head, shaft, and grip selection, to lie board testing after assembly, every step of the process of buying a new set of clubs was a pleasure. Not only is Eldon a pleasure to work with, but his high level of expertise allows him to offer premium equipment that other club makers just don’t have. If you live in the area, this is first and last place you need to go for your equipment needs.
Dave Tidy
Eldon is one the best club fitters in the Peterborough area. He uses up to date equipment for analyzing swings and getting the best results possible. He was very knowledgeable about what he was doing and was open for questions/concerns regarding what I was looking for. His connections make it possible to be set up with all the top brands. I was recently fit with new iron shafts and had a great experience. Eldon takes his time with customers to make sure that everything is perfect and suited exactly for you. Whether you are looking for just a simple upgrade or looking to get the best, Eldon is right guy to go to!!!
Jonah Mclean
Took my electric caddy in to get speed control knob fixed. New knob put on in a very short time. Very professional and reasonable prices. Would recommend Campbell’s to anyone who needs repairs on their electric caddies. The service here is great.
Brenda Curtis
I have know Eldon for many years and have come to trust him for his knowledge and commitment to making sure that my golf equipment is right for me. He is my first and only stop. He always make sure that you leave his shop with the confidence that your equipment is fit right for you. Well done Eldon.
Paul Freeman
I had my driver fitted which required having it reshafted.I found Eldon to be very knowledgeable about the club building process. His fitting equipment is up to date and measures all parts of your swing. I am happy with the outcome of my fitting and my driver is now much more accurate, making my game more enjoyable. I would highly recommend Campbells Custom Clubs to anyone who wants to improve their game.
Dan Spencer
I have been most impressed with Eldon Campbell’s service, sincerity, and helpfulness. He makes himself available for any sort of question, and I am able to drop in to ask anything on my way to the club! Recently, I had a problem with my electric cart, and he went over to the golf club to determine what the problem was. How convenient! Shortly thereafter, I had a fully functioning cart! I would heartily recommend Eldon Campbell.
Jo Ann Caskey
My new clubs are great, Eldon is very professional. These clubs are so comfortable to swing. I’m still working with my new set up and will update more later. With the lesson that Eldon gave me I making contact more often and when I do make contact it’s fantastic.
Dave Parish
I’m new to the world of golf and Eldon was recommended by a friend to have clubs re-shafted and re-gripped. I could tell the moment I stepped in his shop he takes great pride in his work and loves what he does. I’m very happy with the the feel of my clubs and will be going back shortly to have a custom wedge made in-house. And if you’re thinking he’s going to be too expensive, he’s not. The Peterborough golfing community is lucky to have Eldon.
Sean L
Came in to get my clubs regripped thinking that might help me. Then i was asked if i wanted a quick lesson. After the lesson i feel way more confident and im ready to get out there and hit some straighter drives. I thought after the lesson i would be paying more to get my clubs regripped aswell. That wasnt the case though as this gentleman told me my grips were newer and will do the trick. Thanks Eldon!
Michael Allen
A fellow player highly recommended Eldon a couple of years ago. I decided to pay a visit & check his shop out. Found him to be very knowledgeable about club building & the fitting procedure. Just recently he built me a set of Wishon irons which I am extremely happy with. Thx Eldon for spending the time with me and the fitting was perfect. Very happy with the Wishon 575 irons.
Don Clark
I’ve been a customer of Eldon Campbell for 10 years. He has helped me out tremendously with his knowledge of the golf industry. We are lucky to have his great service in Peterborough, it is like having a PGA tour van in your backyard. I would recommend him to anyone out there looking to improve their golf game by getting their clubs fitted properly. Two thumbs up!!! MARC SAVARD-BOSTON BRUINS
Marc Savard
Eldon shafted and gripped some old oversize irons I wanted to keep. Measured me up, and delivered on a rush request with flying colours. Put them to use today and couldn’t be happier. I highly recommend Eldon to anyone looking for repairs/re shaft/grip, fitting and common sense advice. Excellent value for the money!!
Tony Pearce
I needed a new set of clubs, and heard of Eldon.. Found him to be very knowledgeable, honest, and friendly..Fitted me and suggested what clubs are best for me..Less than a week later I received my clubs and tried them and couldn’t believe the difference ..Getting excited for the season to begin..Thanks Again Eldon for all your suggests and service, second to none..
Rick Fife
A friend recommended that I see Eldon to re-grip my clubs. What an amazing experience. He not only re-gripped my clubs but fitted them to my size, analyzed my swing and gave me great tips. He is a wealth of golf knowledge and we are lucky to have him right here in Peterborough. I would urge all golfers who want to improve their game to visit Eldon.
Pete Saccoccia
Thank you, Eldon, for my new irons. They work wonderfully; I had the best round of the season the first time I played with them.
Liz Makkay
Just picked up my new set from Eldon and couldn’t be happier! Make no mistake, it is worth the trip. This guy is the “golf whisperer” I learned more in the couple of hours of fitting and chat, then I have in all the reading, watching, and lessons over the years. His own love of the game, and appreciation of the ballistic physics of ball flight, intersection of swing plain, and mind set to play the game is infectious. Cant wait to get these in play! I mean it, he is the Yoda of golf! Will be back, and couldn’t recommend the experience more highly. Thanks brother!!
Jim Russell
We have been going to Campbell’s Custom clubs for a long time and Eldon is very knowledgeable. If your are looking for new clubs or power carts he’s the guy to see. I highly recommend anyone that enjoys golfing and wants to improve their game go get fitted by Eldon.
Lesley & Lorne Foster
I came to eldon to be fitted and found the man to be very friendly, knowledgable, and well stocked. i came away with clubs that are fit to me and done with quality and pride. you will not get this from the big box stores. thanks eldon!!
Rob Malcolm
Eldon re shafted my driver changed my grip and did it all for a great price. In addition he sized my putter and gave me a couple of putting tips as well. Thanks so much Eldon. I would recommend Eldon’s service to anyone.
John Holden
I have had clubs repaired & regripped & even a quick lesson on gripping the club properly & Eldon has been very accommodating & professional in his expertise. I would not hesitate recommending him for anything to do with golf. Sincerely, Rodger Truman.
Rodger Truman
I contacted Eldon after reading about “same length ” clubs at Wishon Golf. When I went to visit him I was most impressed with the way he figured and showed me what was best for me as a golfer STARTING WITH A MINI-LESSON. While I did purchase a new driver and wedges he, in a very uncharacteristic approach told me that the rest of my clubs were just fine. His knowledge of golf and clubs, I am sure, will help any level of golfer. Thanks Eldon-really enjoyed my visit!
Bruce Wilson
I am an enthusiastic novice golfer and had purchased clubs that were too long. Eldon took measurements, cut the clubs to fit, re-gripped them, offered some helpful instruction and good advice. His professional approach, reasonable rates and timely service is commendable.
Angela Minicola
I would like to thank Eldon for the professionalism, patience, knowledge and most of all the expertise he demonstrated during my very first club fitting.I didn't know what to expect from the club customization, but the outcome was a good learning experience.With the help of video and computerized analysis equipment Eldon was able to determine what equipment changes were needed to perfectly suit my swing.I would recommend any golfer to get properly fitted clubs especially from Campbells Custom Clubs.Thanks Eldon for helping me but my game on the right track.
Robert Park
A friend who had been tested and fitted for a set of clubs recommended Eldon to me. I needed new grips and a minor repair on a club. I was very satisfied with the prompt service and then had my wife’s clubs re-gripped. We both have returned to have our clubs re-gripped and another repair to a club. Highly recommend Eldon’s service – where service is more than just a word.
Nelson Pickett
I have known Eldon for many years and with his knowledge of the this great game we all play .Thinking of new clubs have Eldon do a fitting for you so you know what is the right club for you . shafts/ flex / lie what ever you need he can do.Eldon has all the stuff to do a great job.You want a better game the go see Eldon for all your golf needs he will look after you.
Len Sheehan
I have dealt with Eldon over the past 15 years and have found his customer service and fitting expertise outstanding. Eldon fitted me with a set of KZG irons and driver last year and they have provided consistent distances across all of the irons and the driver has added more yardage but more importantly more accuracy off the tee. I usually get my clubs gripped twice a year and Eldon provides me with a wide selection of grips to choose from and his turn around time is second to none. I recommend him highly.
Jim Coughlin
As a first time golfer, Eldon set me up with the perfect set of clubs to begin my love for golf. He was very patient with me, taught me some valuable golf techniques and connected me to local golfing instructors. Any issues that I’ve had he’s welcomed me back to fix the issues and has assisted me with any questions or concerns I’ve had. I 100% recommend Eldon Campbell’s service to anyone who golf’s or is interested in starting just like me!
Rebecca Hubble
I met Eldon years ago after inquiring about putting a new shaft in my driver. He said he could do it but suggested I be tested first. I had never been tested for any part of my game before so I thought I’d give it a try. I must say it was a pleasant experience. I was becoming a better golfer but didn’t realize the precision needed to build a club for my specific swing. I like the details in things and Eldon was very willing to explain why things work. I also had a test for my irons. After about 10 or so swings, Eldon brought out a club he already had pre-made that was very close to the specs I needed. I felt the difference on the first shot. Eldon’s skill and knowledge has made me more enthusiastic about golf. I went from a 10 handicap to a 3 in big part because of Eldon. I consider Eldon a friend and I highly recommend you let him fit your clubs.

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