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Welcome To Campbells Custom Clubs Inc.

The Tailor Shop For Golfers

At Campbells Custom Clubs Inc. we pride ourselves on custom fitting and building golf clubs that help our customers improve their ball striking to achieve more consistency, accuracy, and controllable distance. Age and gender are not major criteria in the customer club fitting process. Fittings are completed using a launch monitor to capture swing data such as ball speed, launch angle, backspin, sidespin, side angle, carry, and total distance. With this information, we can design and build golf clubs to optimize your golfing experience using the best quality materials available.


We have golf clubs for all levels available, from junior sets, game improvement designs, and even forged cavity back and muscle back designs for the more advanced ball striker.

Next Generation of Single Length Clubs

A unique set design to be built to have one length irons, one length fairways, and one length hybrids, delivering a perfect match of all elements of swing feel for improved shot consistency.
The EQ1-NX consists of Wishon’s newest single length iron design, alongside the most unique and versatile fairway wood and hybrids ever created.
EQ1-NX Irons Single Length

The EQ1-NX fairway woods and hybrids have been created to offer a greater range of options in golfers’ single length sets with a wide range of innovative features.

Come into Campbells Custom Clubs Inc. now for a Custom Golf Club Fitting!

General Information

True Temper Performance Fitting Program is used to fit a driver or complete set of clubs.
(Both fittings use Launch Monitor Data)


Need golf club repairs?
Golf club repairs such as re-shafting, re-gripping, loft and lie angle checking, and adjusting are available.

Like the look of your present set of clubs?
Have them re-shafted with new shafts fit according to your requirements. Call or drop in to Campbells Custom Clubs Inc. to discuss your options!

Just a few of the many shaft options:
True Temper Shafts are available for retro fit, or to assemble new clubs.



Payments Taken

Opening hours : 8:00 am – 6:00 PM, 7days (Monday - Sunday)